Some people seem supernaturally powered from within. Driven by a desire to push the world in a better direction. To inspire and create.
And the Zenga Brothers are just exactly those kind of people. That doesn’t make great grammatical sense but you get my drift. They’re do-ers. They experiment and challenge and fail and fall off and get back up again. They make shit happen and have fun while they’re doing it.
The Zenga Brothers have been pals of ours for yonks now – check the pic above of Boneshaker co-editor James (on the right) and superdude Benny Z riding their tallbikes in Bristol back in 2013. We also did a big feature on them and their enduring love of the tall bike way back in Boneshaker issue 11.
And now we’re super excited to see they’ve made a new film that kinda follows from and builds around that feature.  Check it:


Tall Bikes Will Save The World from Red Bull on Vimeo.

 Ride strong. Ride tall. Ride Zenga.
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