Riding a bicycle, so elemental and universal, yet cycling means many different things to many different people…
As Boneshaker has partnered up with The Design Museum for their Cycle Revolution exhibition, we thought we’d profile three of our favourite people to explore urban landscapes, daredevil thrill seeking and ultra-distance, high-performance…

Through the night rides and flamboyant bike parties of the L.A bike scene, Richie T was driven to build taller and taller bikes: until he eventually beat the world record. He’s now moved to Detroit’s ruined Motor City to be part of its urban rebirth, with the excited feeling that cycling culture and community will be the heart of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

richie 2


Tall Bike ride through LA

Lucas Brunelle
grew up ducking in and out of trouble in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Bikes and racing gave him a focus, but his controversial daredevil style and temper made him notorious and at odds with conventional racing culture. He started taking part in unofficial ‘alleycat’ races through cities around the world, discovered the helmet camera, and the rest is history…


Juliana Buhring
was born into an oppressive and abusive religious cult in Asia. Sheltered from the world, she knew very little of what lay beyond the barbwire walls of the compound she called home. At 23 she made her escape and began to travel. After the tragic death of a boyfriend, Buhring, who had never really ridden a bike before decided to deal with her grief by riding….and riding, finding herself to be the fastest women ever to circumnavigate the globe.

‘I didn’t become a cyclist, I decided to ride my bike around the world.’ Juliana Buhring is now one of the best ultra-distance, high-performance cyclists around.

Juliana Buhring copy

Produced and narrated by Gary Fawle at Events in Sound, with additional scripting by Luke Friend.

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Title music by GF, additional music by The New Mystikal Troubadours, River Cult, TRG Banks, Mobius, NOMO, Schwemewound, Martin R, Lost Radio and Rod Hamilton.



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