This is the fast show. Slicing through traffic, darting down alleys, breathing in, breathing out, riding to the clock from dawn’s first light to the sodium glow of night…

In Part 2 of our audio ride on the wheels of time, we head out with London cycle couriers turned writers Jon Day and Emily Chappell to explore the metropolis with mind, body and bike.

Jon Day by Selim Korycki
Emily+Chappell_credit_Selim+Korycki for web page

In our cyclo-geographical meander we hear why London is like a giant clock, where the streets are like a scene from a Hitchcock film and the courier is like a mechanised riding automaton. We discover that the art of city cycling is all about ‘flow’ and why a courier job of six weeks turned into six years in the saddle.

Produced and narrated by Gary Fawle at Events in Sound. 
Original score by GF and Dave Collingwood. Additional music by Telegraphy, Blue Dot Sessions and David Edwards.

Photographs are by Selim Korycki and taken from his ‘The Circuit’ series.

Jon Day’s ‘Cyclogeography’ is published by Notting Hill Editions and is available in our webshop. 
Emily Chappell’s ‘What Goes Around’ is published by Guardian Faber

. There’s a great story by Emily in Issue #13, where upon stepping out of the time constraints of couriering in London she found herself racing the clock across a thousand miles of China because of an expiring visa.
 And check out Issue #17 where Jon writes about a distinctly English alley cat race.

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