Mind is the Ride is a Boneshaker book project by Jet McDonald, being crowdfunded with new publishers Unbound.

Like all Jet’s writing (which we’ve featured in almost every issue of Boneshaker) the book’s about many things at once. It’s about a beautiful bike ride from the UK to India, an inner journey from Western to Eastern philosophy, and a thoughtful tour around the parts of a bicycle. By the end of the book the journey to India is completed, the journey from Western to Eastern philosophy is completed and a bicycle has been built from the parts that make it. Like all Jet’s writing, Mind is the Ride is original, cerebral and unexpected.  (Check out the tongue-in-cheek Article in Boneshaker #17 “I Hate Cycling”)


The main crowdfunding pledge is for a copy of the book in advance, a gorgeous illustrated hardback with your name in the back.

But there’s some other top rewards up for grabs including:

  • Boneshaker Goodie Bag that includes Boneshaker Cap, Postcards and CD of Bike Songs.
  • An astonishing and surreal limited-edition-print by Russian artist Anton Marasst.
  • A ride with Jet and the editors of Boneshaker through the highest mountain pass in Wales.
  • A ride with Jet and the editors of Boneshaker to meet Satish Kumar, the Indian activist and editor who walked from India to America by way of China inspired by philosopher Bertrand Russell.
  • And…get this…a handbuilt bike frame by award winning, and design museum commissioned, Robin Mather, stencilled with all the philosophers mentioned in the book. A complete one off!

Mind is the Ride will only be published with your support, so please pledge now at www.unbound/books/mind-is-the-ride

Photo by Jack Thurston 

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