Exciting times. Mind is the Ride – the new book by erstwhile Boneshaker writer Jet McDonald – is now whirring through the printers’ presses. You’ll be able to hold a copy in your hands from May 16th.

Published by Unbound in association with Boneshaker, Mind is the Ride is not just another book about cycling (though it’s certainly a hymn to our two-wheeled friend). Across its pages, Jet playfully uses bike parts and bike riding as a metaphor to help untangle our relationship with the world around us. He thoughtfully plays with the nature of reality in an age of capitalism. In a fun way.

Here’s what some fellow cyclists and writers thought of it:

‘A gleeful freewheeling ride through the mind of humanity…Breathtaking, brilliant, astounding.’
Jay Griffiths, author of Wild: An Elemental Journey

‘Full of wandering and wondering, a thoroughly quirky quest for enlightenment on two wheels’
Jack Thurston, author of the Lost Lanes series.

‘Elegant, wild, poised and explosive. A serious and exhilarating interrogation of the nature of being. McDonald shows us what happens when we pay attention to the world, and what doesn’t happen when we don’t. His book should tip you into a long overdue crisis.’
Charles Foster, author of Being a Beast

Mind is the Ride is not just a feast of ideas, but also of illustrations, in keeping with Boneshaker’s handcrafted aesthetic – with beautiful illustrations of each component, drawn by Dawn Painter, introducing each chapter. The illustrations are added, part by part, so by the end of the book a bicycle has been built from the parts that it make it and the mechanics of cycling turns into the exhilaration of the ride.

You’ll be able to get your hands on a copy from the Boneshaker webshop as soon as it’s available, or seek one out in your local independent bookshop. Watch this space for updates.

In the meantime, happy riding and happy reading…

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