Issue #7

Issue 7 CoverI generally suffer from winter-denial. This year is worse than usual. I do not have any full-length trousers, having spent the last few months systematically adapting all of my longs into shorts. As much as I resist, however, London Winter is on its way. When it is raining, windy or just 700 types of grey, it can be tough to leave the house. But it is never as bad as I think once I am on my bike. It often surprises me. But then, cycling does that a lot.

I’ve been lucky to have a job where I get to spend time with lots of people who ride bikes in the UK. Hearing their stories, challenges, fears and joys is a privilege and an inspiration. Cycling is different for everyone. It is one of those incredibly personal experiences, yet at the same time grants instant membership to a worldwide club. The pages of Boneshaker #7 offer a peek into this world. It is the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea (and cake) after a chilly ride home.

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Issue 7

Release Date October 2011

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