Issue #6

Issue 6 coverIt’s official. My grandmother is a fan of Boneshaker (she especially liked the bear on the cover of issue 5) and I’m stoked! Born in 1919, she grew up in North London and bicycles were a big part of her early life. In fact, her parents actually met whilst out on a ride organised by their local bicycle club, which were fantastically widespread back then.

Courting by bike was just how people rolled, albeit on solid rubber tyres and dodging piles of horseshit instead of manhole covers. She speaks fondly of the streets of London in which she grew up – how they were alive with people, bikes and horses and not dominated by cars as they are today. Imagine that. She speaks of the stables that housed their donkey, which would pull behind it a cart for the children who were still too little to ride a bike, everyone else in the family cycling alongside. The history and legacy of our two-wheeled friends really are quite something, as are the associated memories that pedal along with them; very much worth remembering and indeed, celebrating. Viva La Bici and welcome to issue #6!

Jimmy eLL, co-editor

Issue 6

Release Date Aug 2011

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