Issue #5

Issue 5 CoverIn the UK the phrase “On your bike!” has had bad press. Politicians and scary neighbours have been shouting it at kids ever since the first hobby-horse. It really means, “get out of my hair, you rebel soul!”

But Boneshaker is here to reclaim those three perfect syllables. It will not get red-faced and wag its finger. No, instead it will seduce with the whirr of spokes and the hum of tyres on open roads. From Africa to Goa, from New Orleans to Guatemala, from the Appalachians to the pulse of London beats, all the way to your very own backyard. “On your bike!” Issue #5 sings from the rooftops. Go with the wind in your hair, you rebel soul.

Download a PDF of the issue here.

Jet McDonald (



Issue 5

Release Date May 2011

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