Issue #4

Issue 4 Cover“Some days you go out and it’s raining, the wind’s in your face and it’s cold and you can’t find a B&B and you think ‘I’m not doing this again, it’s absolutely ridiculous’. Then you get up next morning, the sun’s shining, you go down some wonderful roads, and you think I was just born to cycle, and you’re just so happy and high, it’s fantastic…” Midge, 66, Portpatrick, Scotland

Boneshaker believes in the power of words, the beauty of images and the love of cycling. This issue the happy hum of tyres on tarmac sings again across every page: life-changing tandem adventures, learning to love your punctures, the simple pleasure of bike-frame badges. We hear about the art of bike dance, bike design, even about bikes themselves making art – and so the simple, joyful convergence of bikes and beauty and life are reaffirmed. Welcome to Issue #4!

Download a PDF of the issue here.

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Issue 4

Release Date Feb 2011

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