This year we were delighted to be part of End of the Road Festival‘s independent magazine corner, curated by Oh Comely magazine. So we despatched our pal and Boneshaker contributor Julian Sayarer head over to chat about his two-wheeled adventures. He once beat the record for cycling around the world, and writes with passion, politics and poetry combined – making him the perfect fit for Boneshaker – we’ll have another of his tales in our next issue.

But back to End of the Road. Along gravel-strewn trails, down tumbling, ancient lanes and through gardens shot with hydrangeas, Julian finished a 60-mile dash from Boneshaker headquarters in Bristol, arriving at the festival site in Dorset just 4 minutes late. A quick mop of the brow, and he took his seat on a hay bale to talk bicycles, the open road, and how the two have always led obviously to writing and storytelling. It was a wonderful, sun-dappled day amidst interesting people, and a pleasure to be involved. Big thanks to Oh Comely and to everyone who came along to listen.

Photos by Liz Seabrook.


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