Storytelling is a huge part of what keeps Boneshaker’s wheels spinning. Over the last 6+ years, we’ve shared over a thousand pages of bicycle stories from all over the world. This month, we release a 220-page book to bring together some of our favourite moments from our first 10 printed issues, which are now sold out worldwide.

It’s a mix of thoughts from the saddle, photography and illustration celebrating the poetry and politics of life on two wheels. Many of the features are reproduced faithfully, as they appeared in the original magazines – others we’ve added to, or given the design a little extra love. It features a double-gatefold cover and foil-block printing on cover and spine.

We’re releasing this book now to give you a chance to explore how Boneshaker’s evolved since our wide-eyed beginnings with issue 1. We printed 1,000 copies of that first issue, so we’ve decided to do the same with this anthology – creating a limited edition celebration of what we’ve achieved so far. The book is dedicated to all our readers and contributors, without whom Boneshaker would not exist. Thank you. Long may you ride.

Bicycle Stories volume I is available here.

Cover design by Chris Woodward. Crossed cranks logo by Ben Steers.

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