Beulah, a collaborative film between Pannier and Brother Cycles, follows their unsupported cycle trip to explore the Cape Wrath track – a journey inspired by a 1970s OS Map of the most north-westerly part of Scotland. Filmed by Boneshaker designer, Luke Francis, and with music by James Lucas, Boneshaker’s founder, it’s a beautiful diary of a tour to the far-north of the UK. Expect fully loaded bikes, empty roads & wilderness, campfires, bothies, tents, and a steady flow of single malt.

“The seeds for this trip were sown across two bike tours: first – our Lost Lanes Overnighter, when I (Stefan, from Pannier) found a beautiful 1971-75 OS map sheet of Cape Wrath in a Hay-on-Wye bookshop and, more recently, during our Exmoor 200 ‘AAA’ Weekender when Will from Brother Cycles mentioned that he wanted to take their soon-to-be-released 29er – ‘the Big Bro’ – on a testing voyage before tackling the Tour Divide. The best trips and ideas are forged on the road – the perfect time to think, to dream, and get to know people. I had this journey I’d been longing to ride in my mind, and by the end of the Exmoor tour, Will and I decided to travel to the very north-westerly point of the UK via the ‘Cape Track’ and explore her wild surrounds by bike together.”

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