A look inside #16

Join us. Saddle up and ride with Boneshaker as we head over the mountains of Norway in the midnight sun, conquer the cols of Bali and meander down the Pan-American highway. We’ll break a world record on the tallest bike …

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A look inside #15

The reasons we ride are as varied as the places we ride through. Thousands of miles are covered in the next hundred pages: our brave writers journey underground and back in time, through America, across the Balkans, over the Alps …

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Tommy Godwin

Perhaps the greatest endurance feat of all time, and one of the least well-known and celebrated, Tommy Godwin’s record-breaking 1939 ride is a feat of physical and mental endurance so momentous, so outrageous, that it’s difficult to fully comprehend what the achievement actually represents. If you …

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That Pipe!

“Duuude! What massive alien pipe is this?” Tony screamed. “Damn, that’s totally off the hook!” I replied. Bit by bit we recognized my buddy Steve’s new profile photo on the laptop’s screen. He’s proudly posing in front of an enormous …

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Issue #2


See where it all began, by downloading our second issue, completely for free, right here. “Well, its been a whirlwind few months since the launch of Issue #1 of Boneshaker and we couldn’t have had a better response from our …

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Issue #1


See where it all began, by downloading our first issue, completely for free, right here. “Since helping to set up and run a community bike project here in Bristol, my eyes have been opened to the breadth of people and …

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