Danny’s Day Out

That MacAskill chap’s had a grand day out in the glorious greenery around Edinburgh. NB – cycling along railway lines is NOT recommended in the Highway Code. Or on giant hay bales for that matter. Or over houses. Now go …

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Racing through the site

Photographer Matthew Stone shot these images from high up in an unfinished building as the Red Hook Crit bike race wound its way around the construction site below. “Being that high up and feeling exposed in the hollow concrete structure …

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Welcome to issue #17

  With issue #17 now wrapped up and spinning round the presses of Taylor Brothers, I thought it would be a good time to look back at the last few months, and give an insight into how we turn the …

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Lake Jumping

View from the bike “From busting big skids down gravel roads to riding to friends’ houses around town, riding bikes has always been a passion of mine, ever since I was a kid. Another hobby I have is exploring back …

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We ride to win!

Juan Jose ‘Juanjo’ Mendez started cycle racing when he was 14, but in 1992 a motorbike accident brought his career to a sudden stop. “I was pronounced clinically dead. I was in a coma for twenty days. When I woke …

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Rickshaw Riders

India has an estimated eight million cycle rickshaws creaking and clattering around its dusty streets as cargo movers, couriers and taxis. They’re one of the oldest forms of wheeled transport but they are also beginning to be recognised as part …

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