West Midlands Police Safe Passing Mat

Welcome mats

Drivers passing too close to people on bikes is one of the major fears that puts off would-be cyclists. It’s also really dangerous. So encouraging safe passing distances is really important. Some UK police forces are leading the way in …

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A look inside issue #18

So ends a poem you’ll find lost amid these pages, touching on some of what this issue revolves around… Smells and sounds, newness and nostalgia, lust for life, pell-mell pelting against the clock, riding with newborns and new limbs, and several …

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Into the night

Twenty years ago they needed a legend… needed a myth… something to help get it off the ground. They said that London’s couriers had started it, drinking after work on a Friday night, daring one another to ride until they …

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Chapter 3: The Bell

This is an exclusive extract from “Mind is the Ride”, a Boneshaker book project by Jet McDonald. The book is currently crowdfunding with Unbound, and Boneshaker readers can get an advance copy of the book for the discounted price of …

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Into Bear Country

The rain was pouring down as we touched down in Belgrade. Running between puddles, we rushed from the door of the terminal and jumped into our minibus as quickly as we could. The city had been enjoying an endless summer …

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Mind is the Ride

Mind is the Ride is a Boneshaker book project by Jet McDonald, being crowdfunded with new publishers Unbound. Like all Jet’s writing (which we’ve featured in almost every issue of Boneshaker) the book’s about many things at once. It’s about …

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Racing through the site

Photographer Matthew Stone shot these images from high up in an unfinished building as the Red Hook Crit bike race wound its way around the construction site below. “Being that high up and feeling exposed in the hollow concrete structure …

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A look inside #17

Riding out across this issue are paint-fox-hunting city races, explorations across Europe, Asia and the Americas, thoughts on the poetry of departure and the mystery of retelling the ride on your return. You’ll find our first cyclists’ directory amidst a …

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Whose roads?

Against my better judgement, I’ve just read an especially feeble-minded piece of trolling by the Metro writer, Yvette Caster. It’s so daft I should have ignored it, I know. But I couldn’t let it lie. Just in case there’s anyone daft enough …

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